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Chucks & Bits

Pages 1 - 17

Section 1:

The first section of our catalog includes products such as chucks, bit holders, insert bits, power bits, refrigeration tools & accessories, tools & bits, drive extensions and more. 

Sheet Metal Screws, Fasteners & Anchoring Products

Pages 18 - 59

Section 2:

The second section of our catalog includes fasteners & anchoring products such as point screws, drywall, deck & concrete screws, tapping, painted speed & wood screws, bolts, nuts & washers, anchors, rivets & rivet tools, drill bits, threaded rod & rod cutters, anchoring systems and more.

HVAC Products

Pages 60 - 64

Section 3:

The third section of our catalog contains HVAC/R products including warm air dampers, hammer on damper hardware, regulator sets & accessories, damper regulator dials, fiberglass duct tools, sheet metal tools and more.


Pages 65 - 70

Section 4:

The fourth section of our catalog contains various tools including saw blades & hole saws, utility knives, tinners hammers, aviation snips, sheet metal tools, fairmont metal tongs, power shears, reciprocating saw blades and more.


Pages 73 - 74

Section 5:

The fifth section of our catalog includes electrical tools & accessories including wire connectors, female disconnects, butt connectors, nylon cable ties, nylon cable clamps and more.

Plumbing & Miscellaneous

Pages 75 - 84

Section 6:

The sixth section of our catalog includes plumbing tools, accessories and miscellaneous items such as abrasive cloth, abrasive mesh, REMS Pipeworking Equipment, gloves, tool boxes & totes, packaging containers, lubricants and more.

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