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Product Development & Performance Testing

Shook Mfg. Products, Inc. has completed a series of engineering changes in the tooling used in the manufacturing of the “Jiffy Point” sheet metal screws.

The changes included:
• Changing the angle of the point of the screw from 25 degrees to 23 degrees (the lower angle of the point provides a sharper point)
• Changes in the wire hardness to improve the torque capability of the screw
• Changes in the plating hardness to provide improved durability of the screw threads

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Testing Specs

Drill Speeds:
 1,000, 1,700, & 2,500 RPM (revolutions per minute)

Testing Force:
25lbs. and 40 lbs.

Test Material:
2 sheets of .0125” galvanized steel sheet metal (stacked)

jiffy point screw

The result was an improved product with superior run times (faster penetration) and improved torque capabilities, thus reducing the run times required to pierce light gauge galvanized sheet metal.

Above is a chart showing the results of our latest blind test of the average drill times required to penetrate and seat the 8″ x 1/2″ “Jiffy Point” screws against the leading competitors’ screws.

self piercing screws bit holders quick change adapters power bits hex magnetic chucks

Our premier series is the “JIFFY” Point self-piercing sheet metal screw. This product was completely retooled in 2014 to include a superior sharp point, increased torque capabilities, wire hardness, point angle, and improved plating. We at Shook Manufactured Products, Inc. make every effort to ensure the quality and consistency of our products by having quality control batch tests performed of every production run prior to approval and shipping. We are proud to say that our Jiffy Point Screw continues to ensure superior performance as an industry-leading product. Shook also has a complete line of drill-tip screws available in 28 different sizes.

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