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New Product Design & Features
Color-Coded Hex Magnetic "JIFFY" Chucks
  • Precision Manufactured from Tool Steel for Strength and Extended Life
  • Strong Magnet
  • High Concentricity
  • Color Coded Ring for Easy Identification
  • 1/4" Hex Power Chank Fits All Power Drills & Drivers
  • Manufactured to ISO 9000 Standards
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Product Development & Performance Testing
The "JIFFY" Point Screw Series
Our premier series is the "JIFFY" Point self-piercing sheet metal screw. This product is designed with a superior sharp point, increased torque capabilities, wire hardness, point angle, and improved plating. On a regular basis we test the performance of our "JIFFY" Point screws against other available self-piercing screw products on the market.
Product Testing
Product Design & Marketing
Private Labeling & Co-Branding
With millions of businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having a strong brand has become crucial for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • Private Labeling Programs available
  • No major inventory commitments required
  • For distributors of all sizes
  • Build recognition for your company in the industry
  • Your brand identity allows you to shape the impression that your customers will have long after you've made the sale
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Serving the Industry for Over 50 Years


Shook Manufactured Products, Inc.

Home of the Original Jiffy Chuck

We manufacture fasteners, tools, industrial bits & drivers and more. We are located in Akron, Ohio and have been in the manufacturing business for over 50 years. We provide products you can trust with high-quality design, performance and usability. Our range of products offers tools & hardware for the HVAC/R, roofing, and many other home improvement industries.

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Chucks & Bits

We carry a number of chucks & bits including precision manufactured hex magnetic chucks, quick change chuck adapters, nut drivers, screwdrivers, insert bits, an assortment of refrigeration service tools, and more.

Fasteners & Anchoring

We carry numerous fasteners & anchoring products including various screws, washers, nuts, bolts, rivets, threaded rods, anchor kits, drill bits, HangerMate® products, and more.

HVAC/R Products

We carry HVAC products & repair tools including warm air dampers, fiberglass duct tools, duct stretchers, blued panning nails, awls, and more.


We carry tools for a number of industries including aviation snips, sheet metal tools, swivel head shears, power shears, reciprocating saw blades, shank blades, and more.


We carry tools and equipment for electrical work, including wire connectors, vinyl insulated female disconnects, butt connectors, nylon cable ties, cable clamps, and more.

Plumbing & Misc.

We carry products for the plumbing industry as well as miscellaneous tools & equipment including threaded rod cutters, copper tubing bender kits, pipe working tools, safety apparel, packing containers, and more.

Featured Products

Hex Magnetic Nut DriverAssortment - Color Coded

• Industrial Hex Magnetic Nut Driver Assortment
• Color Coded Ring to identify the hex opening size of the driver.
Red (1/4”), Yellow (5/16), Blue (3/8")
• 1/4” Hex Power Shank Fits All Power Drills and Drivers
• Contains 9 Hex Magnetic Chucks:
1/4x1-3/4, 5/16x1-3/4, 3/8x1-3/4, 1/4x2-9/16, 1/4x4, 5/16x4, 1/4x6, 5/16x6
• Includes Quick Change Adapter

Refrigeration Service
Tool Kit - Assortment

• Refrigeration Tool Kit Assortment
• Facilitates easy ratcheting action for servicing
hard to access valves
• 7” long reversible ratcheting wrench with 1/4” & 3/16”
square drive & 9/16” & 1/2” hex drive
• 5-7/32” long reversible ratcheting wrench with 1/4” & 3/16”
and 3/8” & 5/16” square drive
• 3/16” & 5/16” Refrigeration insert bits

Rod Hanger
Anchoring Systems

• Wood vertical / horizontal anchors
• Steel vertical / horizontal anchors
• Concrete vertical / horizontal anchors
• Combo wood vertical / horizontal anchors
• Combo steel vertical / horizontal anchors
• Pivot anchors
• Universal and concrete drivers
• Also available in kits with driver included

Copper Tubing Bender
Carrying Case Included

Sizes: ⅜” to ⅞” - also Thin-Walled
Sizes ⅜” to ⅝”
• Bends multi-layer COMPOSITE TUBES:
Sizes 10mm thru 22mm
• Includes dies from bending SOFT COPPER TUBING
• Sizes ⅜”, ½”, ⅝”, 3/4”, & ⅞”
• Includes Carrying Case
• I.D. / O.D. Reamer

Copper Tubing Bender w/ Case
Refrigeration Service Tool Kit

Available Brands

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