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Manufactured Tools & Fasteners

Welcome to Shook Manufactured Products, Inc. | Home of the Original “Jiffy” Chuck!

Shook Manufactured Products was founded over 50 years ago in Akron, Ohio by Mr. Quentin Shook. Quentin, a former contractor who had grown tired of picking up screws from the floor, created the hex magnetic chuck. The original “Jiffy” Chuck was designed to hold the screws in place with a strong magnet in order to drive self-piercing and drill-tip screws. This precision manufactured product boasts a machine tool finish and a strong magnet in addition to extremely accurate concentricity necessary to eliminate wobble and a perfectly flat surface necessary to seat the screws properly for drilling and driving. Today, we offer a large selection of fasteners, tools & more for the numerous industries including plumbing, HVAC/R, electrical and more.

Our Values

Shook Manufactured Products, Inc. is committed to focusing on supplying its customers with highly reliable, cost-effective quality products and services.

In order to achieve the highest possible quality standards in our industry we will strive to advocate the following quality values:

• Provide dynamic leadership in a work environment that encourages employee involvement
• Partner with suppliers to develop and provide quality products that will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations
• Promote systems and processes that will help us become the most efficient supplier in our industry
• Ensure our suppliers produce a quality product in a safe environment, using the latest in manufacturing technology, while ensuring industry-leading service and support
• Deal honestly and fairly with our customers, suppliers, and employees

The Shook Guarantee of Quality

In striving to eliminate production defects, Shook Manufactured Products, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Quality Control System.
This program includes:

• In-line inspection of our production process
• Final pre-shipping inspection of all products
• Employee involvement and accountability through sign-off on individual work and feedback from quality inspections and sample testing

The key to consistent uniform products is the result of extensive quality checks during the manufacturing process, including run-time testing as part of our quality control procedures. We require the submission of run samples prior to employing an independent source for additional run-time tests to ensure that our customers receive the best performing product.

self piercing screws bit holders quick change adapters power bits hex magnetic chucks

Our premier series is the “JIFFY” Point self-piercing sheet metal screw. This product was completely retooled in 2014 to include a superior sharp point, increased torque capabilities, wire hardness, point angle, and improved plating. We are proud to say that our Jiffy Point Screw continues to ensure superior performance as an industry-leading product. Shook also has a complete line of drill-tip screws available in 28 different sizes.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you are seeking more information on a product, pricing & availability, in need of a quote or just have general questions, we are just a call away! We also have contact forms for general questions and price quotes.